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Gut Health - "All disease begins in the gut"

Did you know your gut is your largest sensory organ and that there are over 170 diseases connected to gut health? On a basic level, gut is where we take in and process all aspects of our food, everything from enzymes that appear the moment we smell foods cooking to proper digestion of the nutrients from food we eat - breaking down food into information our body can utilize: fats, carbs, proteins, sugars.

Gut plays a much bigger role than digestion:

  1. Helps develop the immune system from birth

  2. Largest endocrine organ - secreting over 30 hormones

  3. It has its own brain (operates independently of our other brain - the one in your skull)

  4. Impacts almost every other system & organ in our body - hormone regulation, immunity, blood sugar, health of our brain

  5. Gut is the gate keeper and decides what is allowed in from the outside

  6. 80% of your immune system resides in the gut. The gut is our power source

The gut can be very useful to bring awareness to the feelings in your gut and how it many be impacting your health. Have you ever kept track of your meals, snacks, and key moments that occur before, during and after each meal?

Try to check in and be aware of how your gut feels throughout the day. In retrospect, you may make some interesting connections.

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