Timeless Energy for Life is focused on health, wellness, and lifestyle. Making meaningful change is best when made in small incremental steps that build upon one another over time. Our Butterfly symbol represents spiritual growth and transformation. Because of its transformation from Caterpillar to Butterfly, it embodies change and evolution. Giving meaning and credence to a future of possibilities, setting aside what was once known, and embracing and being empowered to an entirely new way of doing things. “Your Journey Begins Within” reflects this transformation and we hope to be a small part, a catalyst if you will, to a healthier and happier you! 


Our new line of Deliciously Functional and Premium Whole Leaf Teas is intended to help counter the daily health challenges we all face. To further our mission, we have established the Time-For-Giving Campaign that supports our charitable partners. 


Thank you for visiting and let "Your Journey Begin Within"

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Lifestyle Teas are based on our belief that stress creates inflammation, which affects your ability to digest well, and in turn lowers your body's immune response. Functionally delicious, they are an important contribution to your health and wellness.

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Our premium collection of loose leaf teas complement our functional tea line.  These teas have been selected based upon their unique properties to balance and support overall wellness.

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As a tea-drinking enthusiast, you will love our Lifestyle Tea accessories to help as you begin your journey from within!  

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