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The Role of Nutrition and Healing


The Human body needs proper nourishment for both physical and mental well-being. A nutritional diet can do wonders in curing the ailments in people and healing disease. Well, what is nutrition? The answer is simple, it is the consumption of food materials (nutrients) which are essential for the life processes. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of human body. It has a vital role in encouraging the healing process as well.

Nutrition and Obesity

Rising cases of obesity and sedentary lifestyles have led to the deterioration of human health. They increase the risk of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, wound infection, etc. Inappropriate levels of nutrition or malnourishment can slow down the healing process. This is mainly because of the direct relation between nutrition and the process of tissue repair. Wound healing is a complex process which can be impaired due to poor nutritional status. Each stage of wound healing requires certain nutrients to be present above a specified level and the absence of it can retard the process.

These processes include stages like coagulation of blood, removal of bacteria and dead tissue, the growth of new tissue and blood vessels, and finally wound closure with the maturation of the scar tissue. An important nutrient which plays a key role in all phases of wound healing is protein. Proteins help in tissue synthesis and repair. The dietary sources of protein include meat, cheese, poultry, etc. Protein along with other nutrients ensure a proper healing process. Anti-oxidants found in Vitamin A, C, and E and in selenium help in neutralizing the free radicals released during the healing process and transform them into harmless entities. So for the healing of normal wounds, the primary factor to take care is a well-balanced nutritional diet.

Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is essential to improve the quality of life and to prevent the risk of potential wounds and infections. If a wound is developed, nutrients play a pivotal role in speeding up the healing process. The key nutrients should be available in the body in adequate levels to ensure that healing takes place in a proper manner.

Healing Chronic Disease

The relationship between nutrition and perfect health is also the main factor in preventing and curing disease, especially long-term chronic disease. The body is a remarkable machine with a tremendous ability to heal itself, but only if the right nutrition is entered into the diet. These nutrients from your nutritional intake go together to make the necessary changes to your internal physical makeup. 

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