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Cinnamon with Honey

The health benefits of cinnamon and honey include its ability to promote a stronger immune system, digestive system, increase the health of the heart, bones, skin, teeth and hair, as well as stimulate weight loss.  Applied topically, they also help in relief from itching and arthritis symptoms.

Honey comes with a number of health benefits when consumed on its own or in combination with other food items; the most useful combinations are with cinnamon, ginger, and milk.

Cinnamon and honey are both nutrition foods and contain vitamins and minerals that help to maintain good health.  They contain nutrients, which include water, protein, fiber, sugars and various vitamins and minerals.  Cinnamon also contains a very low level of fat.

Minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc are found in cinnamon and honey.  In terms of vitamins, they contain vitamin C, B6, folate, niacin, and riboflavin.  Cinnamon also contains vitamin A,E,D and vitamin K.

        Benefits of Cinnamon with Honey:

  • Helps reduce Cholesterol levels

  • Helps in weight loss

  • Helps treat insect bites and relieves inflammation

  • Assists in the relief from arthritis

  • Helps with bad breath and toothaches

  • Encourages glucose out of the bloodstream

  • Helps maintain functionality of digestive system

  • Helps treat minor skin infections and pimples

  • Helps reduce hair loss and stimulates hair growth

  • Cinnamon and honey past helps the immune system stay stron

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