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Germanium is a trace element (an essential substance found in minute levels in the body) found naturally in garlic, sea algae, aloe vera, shiitake mushrooms, Siberian ginseng, and barley.

Nutritionally, the natural element germanium has been known to aid in the prevention of cancer and AIDS.  Certain compounds of germanium have toxic effects against certain bacteria.  In its organic form, germanium is being hailed as one of the greatest new developments in the nutritional treatment of cancer.  It is classified as an immune-stimulant because it activates the immune system and promotes the production of gamma-interferon, an anticancer, antiviral substance.

        Benefits of Germanium:

  • Aids in fighting Cancer

  • Protects against Amyloidosis (disorder where abnormal

        proteins that cannot be used or broken down by the

        body, adversely influence normal functioning of the

        affected organs)

  • Helps boost the Immune System

  • Helps prevent Osteoporosis


Garlic, Shiitake mushrooms, onions, bran, whole wheat flour, vegetables, seeds, meats, diary

products, aloe vera, comfrey, and ginseng

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